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Santa Sauce 2 by Hamza, a great Christmas gift

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Three years after the release of the first “Santa Sauce”, Hamza delivered the following project on a gold platter last Christmas. This new opus, which contains 13 songs, concluded a big year for the Belgian rapper. He dropped his album “Paradise” in March 2019, and the deluxe version of the album in August. Coming from Brussels, Hamza has had a major success since the project “H-24” [slang for round the clock] released in 2015. With his flows and melodies, the artist became a reference on the French rap scene; so much so that a famous radio show is named after his gimmick “la sauce”[the sauce]. To achieve a year full of success, the artist who rééfer to himself as the Sauce God offers us his new project “Santa Sauce 2” (referring to Gucci Mane’s series).

• A project true to Hamza

This album has a lot of songs in which you can see Hamza in his comfort zone. That is on trap and R’n’B beats, with a lot of sung or rapped melodies. The excellent “Por la Vida” [for life], the last track of the album, is a good example of that. On a bright instrumental, the artist rap  a swaying and melodic flow on one of his favorite themes: his team, his block and his rap. Although, we often find the same kind of subject under Hamza’s pen: money, success, loyalty in friendship, sex, women, his neighborhoods and the rap universe. We can also mention the very good “Go Back”, in which the artist is asking himself if he would change something in his past if he could.

• Amazing collaborations

This album is an occasion for Hamza to give us amazing features. First, there is the one with Damso. Already present in the first opus and after a few years of success for both of these artists, they gives us a new collaboration. It may be the most striking music of the project. On a very aggressive and original beat, Damso and Hamza deliver sharp flows full of self-confidence. With an oppressive and strange musical atmosphere, the bet was risky but successful. We also have a quality feature with Young ADZ, an English rapper from London (member of D-Block Europe). It’s mixing French and English at perfection on a production half-drill half-R’n’B. Moreover, Hamza gives us two featurings with two up comers French rappers: Gambi and Koba la D. In both songs, Hamza took a step towards the musical universe of each of the artist: with dancehall influences for the one with Gambi “Gasolina” and dirty trap for the one with Koba la D “Bac +12” [12 years of studies after High School diploma].

• Risk taking and musical diversity

One should also emphasize the musical risks Hamza’s took when it comes to the musical diversity of this album. As we explain, the rapper went to explore his guest’s musical universes: from drill to reggaeton, but also trap and R’n’B. His use of vocoder is always as innovative and creative. Also, Hamza is mixing English and French words with facility and eloquence. “G’s Up Hoes Down” song made a beautiful synthesis: a drill beat, flows in French with some English sentences, a great use of the vocoder and great melodies.

Hamza gives us a quality second opus to his series “Santa Sauce”, that we have been waiting for a long time. Brussels rap scene continues his epic travel, and Hamza with it.  

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Written by - February 6, 2020