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Mariah is exactly what an EP should be

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In 2018, Christmas was a little early. Indeed, on the 21th of December, Alkpote dropped a surprise EP called Mariah. The French rapper is mostly known for the hardcore and sexual content of his lyrics as well as his over-use of the word “Pute” [bitch] to the point it has become a meme. But he is not alone on this EP, as he is joined by Luv Resval, a rookie that published a series of freestyle on Youtube and that Alkpote took under his wing. The EP serves as the perfect introduction to the young rapper who has everything to become a great artist.

• A Decisive Pass

Mariah is a project whose main purpose seems to be introducing Luv Resval to the mainstream world by using Alkpote’s popularity. And it does that really well. In this project, Alkpote does what he do best: rapping about anal sex, blowjob, money, and weed. But it’s really Luv Resval’s performance that strikes me. From the melodious sung chorus of the eponymous song “Mariah” to the halting verses of “Real Racks” and “Like Yeah”, but also the pop-like chorus of “Rockstar”, Luv Resval has no problem switching styles or changing register from one song to another. That’s not to undermine Alkpote’s flow who is as sharp and good as usual, but it feels as if he is taking a step back to let his so-called “eaglet” shine. My only regret flow-wise is that there is no back-and-forth verse on this project.

• Turn Up

This EP is only 5 songs long, but what it lack in length, it compensate in energy. The first track of the EP, “Real Racks” is a very classic but effective trap banger with the usual loud 808s and the fast-paced hi-hats pattern. “Like Yeah” has the same kind of vibe but it also has a pleasing plucky lead that plays through the song and makes you nod your head instantly. “Dard Velu” has a more melancholic melody. “Rockstar” is a very atypical song. The track contain an electric guitar that is mixed with a trap pattern. This weird combinaison makes it stand out from the rest of the EP. But my favorite song on this project has to be “Mariah”. The song is dedicated to none other than Mariah Carey. Indeed, in the chorus, Luv says he wants to make as much money as her. This song has everything a good song needs. It has an awesome beat, with great bass, great melody and great drums. It has an awesome sung chorus that’s both funny and catchy, but also awesome verses, especially Luv’s, who switch from an auto tuned melody to a fast rap in one second. It also has awesome ad-libs, such as Alkpote’s infamous “Pupupupute” [Bibibibitch]. It is in my opinion one of the best trap rap track ever produce in France.

• Woke AF

Since this project introduces us to Luv Resval’s universe, let’s talk about it. The rapper is comfortable with the usual theme of taking drugs, or making money like on “Real Racks”. “Travaille tout le temps pour ces vrais liasses, pas le temps de faire les feignasses” [Always working for these real racks, no time to slack off], as Alkpote puts it in the chorus of the track.  But Luv Resval sometimes diverges from these stereotypes by adding his own touch. On the chorus of “Like Yeah” he talks about conspiracy theories one of his passion “J’suis dans l’complot comme Qatari” [I’m in the conspiracy like Qatari]. But it’s on “Dard Velu” that his lyrical abilities appear clearer. In this song he delivers a moving verse about the world we are going to leave to our children and the ongoing exploitation of Africa among other things. The thing is, the chorus of the same song, sung by Alkpote goes like this: “Suce nos dards velus / Lèche nos trous d’balle velus” [Suck our hairy sting / lick our hairy assholes]. The most conscious verse of the project, is in between two of the least conscious chorus of probably the decade. And that’s a ballsy move.

This EP is exactly what an Extended Play should be. It’s a fun small project that serves the purpose of introducing Luv Resval.  The two artists from Évry complement each other very well. This EP also delivers bangers, especially the eponymous title while having some interesting and/or funny lyrics throughout.

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Written by - February 7, 2020