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Weekly Playlist #13

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France is still in lock-down but French rap is still running. Let’s have a look at some greatest song of past week. 

• Zuukou Mayzie 667 – Be Water 😉

Member of the 667, Zuukou released a new great single! The rapper is very prolific these last times and delivers us amazing original music.

• Di-Meh – Règlement Statham Freestyle

Di-Meh went to Le Réglement (a French rap channel) to freestyle. The result is a great banger!

• Roméo Elvis – Défoncé [High]

The Brusselian rapper released an EP of 5 songs. It’s called “Maison” [Home] and it’s a nice project during this lock-down.

• Alonzo (Feat. Niro) – Alicante

Alonzo also released a very quality project, of 6 songs. On this track, he is collaborating with Niro, another great rapper. The result is an amazing song !


ASHE 22, and his all crew (Lyonzon), recently signed with the AWA Label. This great drill song is one of the reasons why. 

You can find these songs and more in our Spotify “Weekly Playlist”! Stay tuned…
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Written by - April 27, 2020