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The Best songs of the week #7

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Let’s have a look at our selection of the best songs of the week.

Josman – J’allume

Last week Josman released his new album, “Split”. To promote his he also released a music video for this song, J’allume [I light up]. This song is very good. Josman delivers amazing verse on an energetic and melancholic instrumental by Eazy Dew.

Ninho – Zipette

Ninho just released the third opus of his album series, “M.I.L.S” [“Maintenant Ils Le Savent”, Now They Know It]. This song “Zipette” [refers to cocaine] is a good banger, you need to check it!

Hatik – Billet d’5

Hatik also released a new project. In this track, the rapper speaks about his relations with women. He explains that he is seeing different women for now but that he wants a perfect love story soon.

Zuukou Mayzie 667 feat Doums – Youssouf & Mamadou

Zuukou, member of the 667 squad, released a new single with Doum’s a member of L’Entourage. On a trippy beat, both of the rappers deliver nice verses with a great chorus. Go check it out!

Sneazzy – ÉTINCELLES (feat Nekfeu, S.Pri Noir, Alpha Wann)

This collaboration is awesome. It’s from Sneazzy’s newest album, which you should listen to.

Have a good listening and a nice week. All this songs and more have been added to our playlist “NFC Radio”!

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Written by - March 9, 2020