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Songs of the week #5

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Every Monday, in this series, we will offer you a selection of five of the best songs released during the week. This week, a lot of great songs and greats albums were released, it was quite hard to make a choice. However, here is our selection.

• Slim C – Serpents et Renards (featuring Freeze Corleone) [Snakes and Foxes]

To promote his new project “Killu Kinf G”, Slim C choose to release the music video for “Serpents et Renards” [Snakes and Foxes]. This song has a great instrumental. Both rappers are member of the same group “667” [one number above the number of the Beast], delivers amazing verses with sharp flows.

• Framal & Mekra – Modez

Mekra and Framal are both members of the same team: S.Crew. They haven’t released any songs for a few months. Last week, they dropped “Modez”. This song is quite dancing. It’s also unusual to listen to them on this kind of beat but the result is great. Special mention to the video clip which celebrates the Algerian soccer team victory last summer in Paris. You need to check it out!

• Dadju – Donne moi l’accord (featuring Burna Boy) [Give me the agreement]

Dadju, a parisian rapper, released this upbeat song. He invited Burna Boy on it and the results is a success. We can be sure that a lot of parties will play this song during march 2020 in France. 

• Da Uzi – Le dire (featuring Maes) [To say it]

Da Uzi also delivered a great song last week featuring Maes. Both of the artists are coming from Sevran, the French trap capital right now. On a melancholic and sad instrumentals, Da Uzi gives us great verses. Maes came to deliver a great chorus and a nice verse, as he know how to do it.

• Sofiane – Des malades [Sick People]

After a few months of silence, Sofiane’s comeback is heavy. For two weeks, he released a new song each thursday. The first episode took place in Kosovo and Albania. Last week, the second one was in Portugal. “Des malades” is a great song straight from the streets.

Have a good listening and a nice week. All this songs and more have been added to our playlist “NFC Radio”!

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Written by - February 24, 2020