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Songs of the week #4

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Every Monday, in this series, we will offer you a selection of five of the best songs released during the week. This week, a lot of great songs and greats albums were released.

• Jarod – J’ai fait ce qu’il fallait [I did what I had to do]

On a relaxing beat, Jarod delivers a great song! After a few bangers at the end of 2019, the rapper released this track. On a guitar melody, Jarod opens up to us about his life path. I can only recommend this song. It will relax you if you need it.
“RAS tout va bien, j’raconte ma vie
Faire de l’oseille, aimer une femme à en mourir, ou perdre un ami, esquiver perpet de si peu, je m’en sors bien, c’est la vie”

• Gradur – BLH (feat Ninho)

Gradur released a few days ago his music video for his featuring with Ninho that was part of his last album Zone 59. This song is a huge banger! The collaboration is high quality. It isn’t the first time they rap together and it’s again a success! This time both of the rappers are celebrating their financial success. Thus, the chorus is basically saying “J’ai tellement baisé la Hess qu’elle reviendra jamais” [I fucked misery  so much, she will never come back].

• Kalash – Conséquences [consequences]

Last week, Kalash released his music video for “Conséquences”. From his last album “Diamond Rock”, the rapper from Guadeloupe provided an amazing work with this song! On a sad but relaxing piano beat, Kalash’s lyrics and melodies are well worked and beautiful! This song has the potential to become a huge hit. On this, he is talking about the thin line between love and hate.

• Meryl – Booska Comme à la maison [as at home]

On a beat by Junioralaprod, Meryl is giving us a dancing banger! Her flow matches perfectly this energetic instrumental. This freestyle announces a great new album (coming at the end of the Week). You will hear about her again… Stay tuned!

• Le Juiice – Drip

Le Juiice released her first album “TRAP MAMA”. And, it’s very good ! This song is a high quality turn up banger. Her inspiration is coming straight from the USA. She uses her talent to produce some great songs. Check it out!

Have a good listening and a nice week. All this songs and more have been added to our playlist “NFC Radio”!

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Written by - February 17, 2020