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Songs of the week #3

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Every Monday, in this series, we will offer you a selection of five of the best songs released during the week. This week, a lot of great songs and greats albums were released.

• Yaro – Mec de cité (feat. PLK, Ninho) [hood boy]

The MC from the southern suburbs of Paris (Val d’Yerres) released a new single. This collaboration with PLK and Ninho is a success.  Both of these well-established rappers deliver a good performance. As usual, Ninho gives us a melodic chorus and PLK a technical verse. This melodic song is worth a listen. 

• Chily – Ye yo

On an instrumental by Bersa, the rapper from Chevilly-Larue (southern suburbs of Paris) is performing hard. Chily gives us a melodic and catchy song. His interpretation is bluffing. With African influences, he plays with his voice with talent. Moreover, his new album “5ème Chambre” [fifth chamber, according to his band name] is awesome. Go check it out if you liked this song!

• Soolking – Meleğim feat Dadju

The French-Algerian rapper Soolking released a new hit in collaboration with Dadju. The two kings of melodies give us a very dancing, upbeat and melodic song. Their acting is amazing. France will be dancing on “Meleğim” for a few weeks!

• Hatik – Benzo [refers to a Mercedes Benz car]

Hatik, a rookie coming from Guyancourt in the South-West suburbs of Paris, just released a new banger. His flow perfectly matches this energetic beat. The rapper definitely has a bright future ahead of him.

• Triplego – Sans parler [whithout talking]

The duo delivers us a new cloud rap song. Quite dancing, this song is a great. With Latino vibes, Triplego stays in a hazy musical style close to cloud rap. 

Have a good listening and a nice week. All this songs and more have been added to our playlist “NFC Radio”!

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Written by - February 11, 2020