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Songs of the week #2

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Every Monday, in this series, we will offer you a selection of five of the best songs released during the week. This week, a lot of great songs and greats albums were released.

• Kekra – Comment on fait-là?

Kekra released a new single “Comment on fait là?” (what do we do now?). The artist from the suburbs of Paris delivers an energetic and dark sound, on a half-EDM half-trap prod.

• Jok’air – Sa maire aux mères (feat. Alkpote, Luv Resval, Diddi Trix, Sadek)

This week, Jok’air released “Sa maire aux mères” featuring Alkpote, Luv Resval, Diddi Trix and Sadek. This collaboration was unexpected but I am glad it happened because it mixes MCs of the very young generation with others that are more established. The title of the song literally means “Fuck the Mayor Mother” and there are English subtitle in the video if you want to check out.

• Isha – Magma

Isha released the music video for “Magma”. On a melancholic and relaxing instrumental, the Belgian artist unleashes a swaying flow. His interpretation is really touching, well done Isha!

• Mister V – Pirelli (feat. Jul)

Last Friday, Mister V dropped his new album, called MVP. We can find a quality song with Jul, “the boss of French rap” according to Mister V.

• Larry – 187 (feat. Zed)

Larry released a new album last Friday also, called “Cité blanche” [White hood] in tribute to his neighborhoods in Strasbourg in the East of France. We can mention one song, “187”, in featuring with Zed of 13Block.

Have a good listening and a nice week. All this songs and more have been added to our playlist “NFC Radio”!

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Written by - February 4, 2020