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Song of the Week #9

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Last week the French-speaking rap scene was a little bit quiet. This is probably due to some extent to this virus that you’ve heard of. Still, Jokair and Soolking both released new projects, and some great songs came out too.

• Cauchemar – Jok’air

The French rapper Jok’air released a project called Jok’Chirac (a pun on Jacques Chirac, a former French President). The rapper, whose lyrics often revolve around relationship and love, delivered a really cool project with a lot of RnB influence. On this track Cauchemar [Nightmare] Jok’air is filled with nostalgia but really energetic. The synths from the instrumental are straight from the 80s and sound really good.

• Ailleurs Feat. Isha – Bakari

Bakari is a really promising young rapper. He dropped a new song featuring the Belgian rapper Isha, and it’s dope.

• GROSLOT Feat. 13 Block & Koba LaD – Twinsmatic

Twinsmatic is a French producer. This new track GROSLOT (Big Prize) announced an upcoming project that I can’t wait to hear. On this song he invited the French migos: 13 Block and the rapper from Évry Koba LAD who sings with his usual flow. The result is stunning.

• On ira Feat. 13 Block – Soolking

The Algerian rapper Soolking dropped a new project called Vintage. This song in particular caught my attention. The 13 Block feature is unexpected but good. Soolking who is known for incorporating Algerian raï to his sound mixes really well with the rappers from Sevran.

• Cigarette 2 haine Feat. Alpha Wann – Infinit’

Infinit’ is joined by Alpha Wann on this song called Cigarrete 2 haine [hate cigarette]. The two rappers from the Don Dada record (which was created by Alpha Wann) are spitting straight technical fire on this track which is complemented by a really amazing instrumental.

I hope you enjoy this week’s selection. Don’t forget to wash your hand (and wash your soul if you have committed sins). Until next time, see ya. You can find this song and more on our weekly playlist below.

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Written by - March 23, 2020