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This week, I was waiting for Laylow’s new album. This project, “Trinity”, is clearly the best one of this week but a lot of other good songs came out. Let’s have a look at it!

• Laylow – VAMONOS (Featuring Alpha Wann)

Laylow just released his fourth album. The “digital rapper” delivers us a very good project. It’s better to listen to it from the beginning to the end. It’s always better to do it this way but Laylow worked hard to put a coherent album with a lot of spoken interlude. Anyway, this one song is a huge hit. Alpha Wann dropped a perfect verse to complete this track.

• Timal – Ailleurs (Featuring Maes)

Timal just released a new album. VILLE. This French rapper is a specialist of dark trap and drill bangers. This album isn’t really surprising but it’s still a good album. On this track, Maes gives us a nice and melodic chorus.

• Sneazzy – À QUOI TU JOUES [What are you playing]

For a few weeks, the Parisian artist has been dropping different songs and teasers to announce his new album coming in March 2020. This song is the longest one of this series. It’s a banger but at the same time it’s also a relaxing song. Sneazzy’s flow is matching perfectly this trap beat. His verses are quite great. Check it out!

• Ninho – M.I.L.S. 3 [“Maintenant Ils Le Savent”, Now they know it]

For a few years, Ninho has been on top of the French rap game. He is dropping hits, banger and melodic chorus each month in different projects. This song is a huge drill/trap banger with Ninho coming back to his basics. It might also be to announce a new project. Stay tuned…

• Christine and The Queens – Je disparais dans tes bras [I disappear in your arms]

Christine released her new EP, “La vita nuova”. This track is a dancing one. It’s musically quite new. The song’s melody is catchy. Anyway, the French artist, who has done some collaboration with rappers in the past, dropped a very good project that you need to check out if you like this kind of musical atmosphere. There’s an English version of this song if you want to know the lyrics.

Have a good listening and a nice week. All this songs and more have been added to our playlist “NFC Radio”!

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Written by - March 3, 2020