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Song of The Week #12

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France has been in lock-down for one full month now. Gladly, the French rap scene is still working well. Albums and singles are being dropped, music videos are being released. Let’s have a look at a selection of songs from past week.

• S.Pri Noir (Feat. Alpha Wann & Sneazzy) – T’as capté [You get it]

S.Pri Noir’s new album should be released soon. For now, he dropped a very high quality single in collaboration with two other great Parisian rappers to promote it. That’s a big hit!

• Sean – à moitié loup [half wolf]

Sean, a very talented rookie, dropped half of his new project. It’s called “À moitié loup” and it’s a great EP! Let’s have a look at the eponym track.

• Norsacce Berlusconi – Silex Freestyle

The rapper from the 667 rap crew dropped a new single. It’s a very successful drill song!

• Dinos – Bonjour de loin

Dinos dropped an extension of his album “Taciturne”. It contains 10 new great songs. This melancholic trap track is a good proof for it!

• Caballero & JeanJass (Feat Chilla) – De loin

The Bruxellian duo dropped their album “High & Fines Herbes” [pun between “garlic and fine cooking herbs” and “high and finest weed”]. It’s a nice project with a lot of guests. It ends the eponymous TV show on a high note. This track with Chilla is very good!

You can find these songs and more in our Spotify “Weekly Playlist”! Stay tuned…

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Written by - April 13, 2020