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Song of the Week #10

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This week was really amazing for the French rap scene. A lot of projects, singles and music videos came out. The confinement didn’t stop the rap game (at least for this week). It was hard to make a choice between all these good tracks. Exceptionally, and because half of humanity is confined because of the COVID-19 crisis, ten songs will be added to the playlist instead of the usual five. Have a good listen !

• Green Montana – Séquelles [Aftermath]

The MC, who recently signed on Booba’s label (92i), gave us a new single. Green Montana is very talented and this new track proves it one more time.  

• Kekra – Non [No]

Kekra dropped his new mixtape : Freebase, vol. 4. This project is very good. It has bangers, trap songs, drill songs and, even, cloud rap tracks. You should definitely listen to it! “Non” is a good track. It has a chill and relaxing vibe. 

• Infinit’ Featuring Veust, Barry – J’y vais [I’m going]

Infinit’ also released a new album. It’s an amazing one! It was hard to choose only one song in this selection but “J’y vais” is a very good banger. It has all the South of France in it (all the rappers from the French riviera to be more precise). But, the track “UMLA Tour” also deserves to be mentioned!

• Damso – 🖖🏾 [refers to “Vie”, Life]

Saturday Damso surprised everyone by releasing a new song on YouTube. This song is an homage to his late aunt. His fans are waiting for his new album, QALF, which should be released in 2020. This new single is a good way to wait for it.

• Diddi Trix – Quoi d’neuf ? [What’s up?]

The rookie rapper released a new single last week. On an energetic instrumental, Diddi gives us a really good flow ! His energy is amazing. And this song is worth listening!

• Koba LaD – Ca ira mieux demain [It will be better tomorrow]

Koba released a new single. The rapper from Evry gives us a sad and melancholic song, which changes from the qualities bangers he usually serves us. The song is definitely a success, go listen to it!

• Hugo TSR – Périmètres [Perimeters]

After 3 years of silence, Hugo TSR released a very quality single. Loyal to himself, he gives us a boom bap rap song. It’s a successful and amazing return!

• Imen Es Featuring Alonzo – 1ère fois [1st time]

Imen Es, a female rapper from Sevran, was first on YouTube last week. Her song, featuring Alonzo, is really mixing French variety with French rap and the results are quite good! It’s speaking about a serious matter : domestic violence.

• Bosh – Défilé [Parade]

Finally, Bosh also released a single of quality. This rapper made the actuality thanks to his participation in the television series “Validé”.

I hope you enjoy this week’s selection. Let us know via Social Networks if you liked this article’s format. Until next time, see ya. You can find these songs and more on our weekly playlist below.

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Written by - March 30, 2020