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These 5 American songs were remixed by French rappers

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Whether it is to boost sales in France, or to extend American rappers popularity, it’s a fairly common technique to have a French rapper do a remix of one of the songs of this album. Let’s have a look at the best of them.

• Migos Feat. Dosseh – Bad and Boujee

The most famous song by the Migos got a Dosseh remix. And it’s pretty good.

• Mac Miller Feat. Disiz – Loud

Disiz appeared on the French remix of the song Loud by the late Mac Miller. Disiz’s verse is punchy and vicious. The original beat and verses are, well, awesome. This is a great remix. Mac Miller will later return the favor by appearing on Disiz’s Toussa Toussa Remix. Rip Eazy Mac.

• Missy Elliot Feat. Mc Solaar – All N my grill

Missy Elliot’s hit single got a French redo by one of France’s most famous MCs back then, MC Solaar. The result is as good as it can get.

• Jorja Smith Feat. Dosseh – Blue Light

Dosseh is back at it again with the remixes. But this time he is not remixing a rap song, but Jorja Smith’s hit “Blue Light”. This feature offers a new light to the song by having Dosseh rap about his life in the ghetto and running away from the cops. It’s a very nice twist on the original.

• Nas Feat. NTM – Affirmative Action

NTM is one of France’s most famous rap bands, if not the most famous. Nas is a legendary rapper from New York. While the process to make this song was described by the members of NTM as hell. The result is an all-time classic.

I hope you enjoyed this selection. You can find theses songs and more in our Spotify Playlist dedicated to French and American featurings.

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Written by - June 27, 2020