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Top 5 best French / American rap featuring #2

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Back in the days where rap was less mainstream, collaboration between French and Americans rappers were less frequent. But we were still blessed with a lot of great songs. Let’s have a look at 5 of the best of them.

• IAM Feat. Sunz of Man – La Saga

IAM is one the most legendary old school rap bands from France. On this track they are joined by Sunz of Man, an affiliate group of one of the most legendary American bands: Wu-Tang. This sounds too good to be true, but it’s real. This song is part of L’école du Micro d’argent. One of the all time classics of French hip hop.

• Booba Feat. Akon – Gun In Hand

Booba and Akon did several collaborations. This is the first one. Akon’s voice is great, and contraste a lot with Booba’s flow. A classic.

• Guru Feat. Mc Solaar – Le Bien, Le Mal

Mc Solaar is well known for being the first mainstream French rapper. Back in 1993 he was invited by Guru from the hip hop duo Gang Starr. This collab is an awesome old school classic. Rest in peace Guru.

• Assassin Feat. Supernatural – Undaground Connexion

This one is less famous but it’s a classic nonetheless. Assassin is a French rap band, Supernatural, an American rapper. They made fire together and it deserves some recognition.

• Psy4 de la rime Feat. Nate Dogg – À l’ancienne

On this song, the members of the Psy4, remember their past and their childhood, à l’ancienne [back in the days]. Nate Dogg delivers an amazing chorus that really fits the mood. Rip to the Dogg.

That’s it for now. If you enjoy this songs, feel free to check the part 1 of this series with more recent tracks. You can also stream our Spotify Playlist where you can find these songs and more French and American collaborations.

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Written by - May 16, 2020