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Top 5 best French / American rap featuring

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Over the year, a lot of French music artists did features with american rappers. Here are some of the best ones in my opinion.

• Kaaris feat. Future – Crystal

It takes two things for these French / American features to be good. First the American rapper has to care enough to drop a good verse. Future’s verse and chorus on this are straight fire. Secondly, the French rapper has to actually be good. Kaaris is awesome in this song.

• Ateyaba feat. Pusha T – Black Card

Ateyaba (AKA Joke) was a visionary. He released this song back in 2014 but the beat was made in 2034. Ateyaba and Pusha complement each other greatly on this. This is a must listen.

• Dosseh feat. Young Thug – Milliers d’euros

Far from a half-ass verse, Young Thug delivers a catchy pre-chorus AND a good verse. Dosseh admitting in this very song that he had to pay to have Young Thug featured is also very funny “Vu l’prix d’un feat avec mon négro Thugger Thugger / Si l’album floppe il m’reste toujours la vente de taga-taga” [Considering the price of the feat with my nigga Thugger Thugger / If my album fails I can still go back to selling dope]

• Jazzy Bazz feat. Freddie Gibbs – Lay Back

This song is called Lay Back, but it will make you want to stand up. What a banger. If you fuck with Freddie Gibs you will fuck with this.

• Gradur feat. Migos – #LHOMMEAUBOB

On his 2015 album “L’homme au bob” [the man in the bucket hat], Gradur invited all three Migos to drop a verse. The result is a very good drill song.

There will be a part two of this with old school songs. In the meantime, if you don’t know about any of the tracks I introduced here, you should check them out. You can also check out our Spotify playlist with more French and American collaborations.

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Written by - February 21, 2020