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The incredible album sales of Niska and Damso

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Damso (a Belgian rapper) and Niska (a French rapper from Evry) both just hit one million albums sales recently. It’s an impressive feat, so let’s have a look at it.

Damso is coming from Brussels, Belgium. He has been performing on the French rap scene for almost four years. During this short time-lapse, the rapper dropped three albums which had huge success. His first EP, “Batterie faible” [Low battery], which contains the hit “Bruxelles Vie” [Brussels Life, a tribute to his own city], made him famous. Today, this album sold more than 125.000 copies. But it’s with his first album, “Ipséité”, that he truly achieved mainstream success in France, Belgium and Swiss (at least). This album has sold more than 550.000 copies. His last album was released in June 2018, it is called “Lithopédion”, and sold more than 335.000 copies. All together, Damso sold more than one million albums in four years and with 3 projects only. It’s an impressive performance! And it will continue since his next album should be released in 2020. Stay tuned…

Niska became famous a little bit earlier. His first album came out in 2015. “Charo Life” [Scavenger’s life, refers to his lifestyle] has been a huge success. There was a massive wave in France when it was released. For example, a lot of famous soccer players copied Niska’s dances (thus paying tribute to the artist). The rapper then released three more albums: “Zifukoro” in 2016, “Commando” in 2018 (one of my favorite) and, recently, “Mr Sal” in 2019. We can say that “Commando” is the most successful one, with more than 500.000 albums sold (diamond record). With these 4 albums, Niska sold more than one million albums: impressive!

These certifications confirm that the French rap scene is doing very well! Since the nineties, France has developed a huge rap scene. What we call the French rap scene is really a French speaking rap scene and is made up of artists from France, Belgium, Swiss, a part of Canada, a large part of North Africa and a lot of Island such as Martinique, Reunion, Madagascar and Guadeloupe. This French Rap scene is in good shape and I’m not complaining!

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Written by - February 12, 2020