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The best French rap songs of March 2020

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Despite the current situation (you know, the virus stuff), the month of march was huge in the French rap scene. A lot of rapper (like Booba and Koba LaD) dropped tracks to announce upcoming projects. Infinit, Kekra, Ninho, Josman, Sneazzy and Laylow all dropped new albums! In the meantime, Caballero and JeanJass released the third season of their cooking-and-smoking-weed show “High & Fines Herbes”. and some songs from the soundtrack of this show. Let’s take a look at my 10 favorite songs from this month.

• Zipette – Ninho

Ninho released his new album M.I.L.S 3 a little earlier than expected because of a leak. this new album contain this one particular song that I adore.


• Youssouf & Mamadou – Zuukou Mayzie 677 Feat. Doums

Doums from l’Entourage and Zuukou from 667. What a weird connection. And yet the song is very good. This is the proof that slowly, 667 is taking over, just wait and see.

• Cavaliero – Booba

Booba, the padre of the French rap game released a new track. Needless to say it’s a banger. We can’t wait for his new project that should come out this year.

• Un Cadeau – Caballero & JeanJass

Un cadeau [a present] is a track that was released to promote the third season Caba and JJ’s show “High & Fines Herbes”. This show revolves around cooking and smoking, two things you can do while in quarantine.

• Ça ira mieux demain – Koba LaD

If you thought Koba LaD was a one hit wonder, you were wrong. This song proves the rapper from Évry can dropped songs outside his usual registery.

• Putain de salaire – Kekra

Kekra dropped a new project. This song was the first single from this project. It’s delightful, like always with Kekra. The hook is catchy as hell too.

• 🖖🏾 – Damso

Damso released this new song out of nowhere. It seems to pay homage to his late aunt. May she rest in 🖖🏾.

• Perimètre – Hugo TSR

Hugo TSR is a very famous parisian kicker. This rapper has always kept an old school style, and he was always been of the best in his domain. This is his comeback track and it’s amazing.

• Cigarette 2 haine – Infinit’ Feat. Alpha Wann

The production on this track is awesome. I love the crazy synth instruments and the drums here. The two rappers spat straight fiiiiire too.

• Règles – Sneazzy

Sneazzy, released a new project this month called “Nouvo Mode”. This is my favorite track from this album. It uses Biggie Smalls’s idea of off “Ten Crack Commandments” and gives it a modern and numeric twist. Règles means rules, and on this song, Sneazzy enumerate 10 rules he thinks are important, and that people around him should follow.

What a crazy month. I hope next month will be as crazy. Or less crazy, I don’t know. Until next time stay safe, and watch you hands!

Written by - April 4, 2021