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Street Flow by Kery James broke the record!

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After almost thirty years of career, Kery James, one of the most famous French rapper, released “Street Flow” on Netflix last October. The movie was well-received and generetad a lot of streams.

There is no stopping Kery James! After almost thirty years in the hip-hop scene, with his group Ideal J, as a part of the collective Mafia K’1 Fry [African Mafia] and in solo. Kerry James is nowadays known for his political and personal commitment through his actions and his music. However, his career is  not just limited to rap music. Since 2017, he can bee seen on stage at the Rond-Point Theater in Paris in a play that he wrote himself.

Last October, it was a film that Kery was throwing at us. “Street Flow” immerses us into the heart of Paris’ suburban life with realism. We follow a family torn between an older brother living the stree life, a second son wants to get out of poverty through university studies and a youngest who hesitate about which path to choose. This film is unpretentious, have both feet in the real word and doesn’t caricature or transform suburban life. 

And it broke internet and Netflix! In fact, one week after the film’s release, Netflix proudly announced that more than 2.5 million households have watched it. Anyway, I loved it and would recommend it without any hesitation. 

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Written by - February 2, 2020