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Sofiane’s comeback

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This Thursday 01-23, Sofiane dropped “Je suis passé chez So’ #12”, more than one year after his last project “93 Empire” [93 is the county’s number of Seine Saint Denis in the northern suburbs of Paris].

Sofiane is a major artist of the French rap scene. After few years in the underground, he became one of the biggest French rapper; and not only through his music. He did have of lot of gold records but he is also famous for many other activities like “rentre dans le cercle” (come in the circles, a show where a lot of up comers came for freestyling). 

The song he drop out today announce his comeback. It’s also reminds us all Sofiane’s achievement, if some fellas forgot it: 

  • “J’ai fait péter plus de mecs que Sony Music France, pa-pa-pah » : I made more guys famous than Sony Music France, pa-pa-pah 
  • “Grosse Patek, swag de PDG, Ba-ba-baw » : big Patek, CEO’s swag, Ba-ba-baw
  • “L’autre, il m’parle de sa guerre du streaming, frère, l’année prochaine, j’suis aux Césars » : the other one, he talks to me about his war of streaming, brother, next year, I’m at the Caesars.

2020 will be a great year !

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Written by - February 2, 2020