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According to the serious magazine Dj Booth, Paris was “the most successful city for Hip-Hop in 2019”.

Yeah, it’s for real! Last year, Parisian artists are the ones who sold the most rap music worldwide. It can be verify. 

How does this work? While both certification system (SNEP in France and RIAA in the US) agree that 1.500 streaming listening is equivalent to one album sells, in France, free-listenings (streams from free platforms such as Youtube) are not taken into account. So, when you add the free-listenings, Paris becomes the biggest selling rap city of 2019.

Anyway, artists Paris and his suburbs sold around 2,6 million albums ! And, we will quote M. Oliver to conclude : “For decades, France has been the largest market for hip-hop outside of the US, but an unprecedented rise in domestic rap over the past five years has firmly entrenched rap français as the country’s most popular genre of music. With Paris’ fertile scene already overtaking its US counterparts in sales, the city of light appears destined to be at the forefront of non-English language rap’s long overdue globalization in the 2020s.” []

All of this is a very good omen for the French rap scene. Let’s this will continue 2020 ! As say Médine (a french rapper) : “Paris suburbs influence Paris, Paris influences the world”

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Written by - February 12, 2020