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Meryl “Planète Rap” was fire

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Last week, to tease her first album, Meryl spent one week at Skyrock (the most famous rap radio in France). In fact, this is a tradition for a lot of rappers to spend one week freestyling in “Planète Rap” (the most famous show of Skyrock). To do it is a first step towards success. Meryl did step up!

At first Meryl was kind of impressed and a little bit stressed by the show. She is from Guadeloupe (a French department in the West Indies). Planète Rap takes place in Paris and the sight of this mythic studio can be impressive and overwhelming. However, when Meryl began to freestyle, the studio was on fire.

After her first freestyle, she began to gain confidence. Every evening of last week, from Tuesday to Friday, she followed the same routine. First, she drank a bottle of rum. Then, Meryl and her crew spat straight fire. Each member of her team was a quality rapper or singer. It was the all Guadeloupe that took over the studio.

Meryl invited a lot of different artists, all from Guadeloupe. We had the chance to see some dancehall artist freestyling like Bamby and Jahyanai who interpreted “Buss a Wine” with talent. On another register, Marginal and Lyrrix delivered some drill freestyles. Tiitof, among others, delivers some rap and trap freestyles. With all these musical styles it was all the Guadeloupe’s influences that were represented thanks to Meryl.

Let’s mention another musical treasure of Guadeloupe : languages. Most of these artists, such as Meryl for example, are singing in multiple languages. They use Creole, which is spoken in Guadeloupe, but they are also comfortable with rapping in French, and (a little bit less) English. This cultural diversity allows them to create a lot of new vibes, flow and rhymes.

This week of freestyling was to promote her new album coming at the end of the week. It’s called “Jour avant Caviar” [Day before caviar] and I can bet it will be a very high quality album. Stay tuned…

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Written by - February 20, 2020