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“Au DD” by PNL, among the best music video of 2019

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On April the 29th of 2019, PNL dropped the music video of “Au DD” [the title refers to drug dealing]. After a youtube live of 20 hours, during which we could wander in PNL’s universe, and which gathered 100,000 spectators at its peak, the duo released one of their biggest clip.

This music video is a real gem and it can be expected from a vidoe that costed almost 250,000 euros (according to  Today, it’s very rare for French artists to spend so much money for one video. 

In this video we can see the two brothers on the top of France: the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel’s lights perfectly match the music. The post-production effects are incredible; the scene in the half-destroyed building is simply magical!

In my opinion, this clip has everything to become the best of 2019! And, in any case, it announced a quality album. In two weeks the clip exceeded 50 million views. The song also reached the world top 30: a historic fact for French rap!

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Written by - February 2, 2020