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A French rap game in slow-motion

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Coronavirus has hit France a few weeks agi. Since last Tuesday (March 17th 2020), every French people have to stay home. People can only go out to buy food and for medical or professional people, with an attestation. The French rap scene is also impacted and disturbed by all this.

• No more events

One of the consequences of COVID-19 epidemic is the closure of every bar, concert hall and cultural places. Thus a lot of concert have been cancelled since 2 weeks. For example, Lala &ce cancelled her concert in Paris (initially planned on March 21th 2020), Kery James had to push back till later his concert at La Cigale (a very famous concert hall in Paris) and Maes had to cancel his concert at the Olympia (another famous concert hall in Paris). 

• Less music videos

Moreover, rappers doesn’t have the possibility to go outside to record in studio or to shoot music videos. This will have, for sure, a slow-motion effect on the number of music video that will be uploaded during next weeks. The rapper Koba la D, from Evry , recently create the controversy by saying “Hey Manu [the French President, Emmanuel Macron], I am sorry… I have an album in preparation, a music video to shoot… the confinement and all this, it’s dead!” 

• But some nice initiative

However, even if the rap game is, for now, in slow-motion, we can mention some nice initiative from some artist. We had a lot of rappers who have transmitted some prevention message through social media like N.O.S. (from PNL), Booba, Benash… Also, some rappers decided to do some concert in live (thanks to YouTube or Facebook) from their homes. Demi Portion mentioned this idea for instance.

Hopefully this will not last too long. Stay healthy, and safe, this virus can be dangerous to young people too. And, stay tuned on New French Culture to spend some time!

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Written by - March 19, 2020