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Évry, Paris South Side

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Evry is a city in the southern suburb Paris (15 miles away) on the Seine’s bank. This is the prefecture of the Essonne department (91) and there are about 50.000 inhabitants.

In France, on the opposite of the USA, the suburbs are poor and the city centers are rich. Évry is a poor city. The poverty rate is double of the national average. The people who live here come from a lot of different areas making this city very multicultural. It’s also a really young city, 40% of the inhabitants are under 30 years old. Évry is mainly made up of public housing. But in Évry you can also find a University, a brand-new Cathedral, a Mosque, a Synagogue, a Pagoda and many administrative and police buildings.

There are a lot of different districts in Évry. The most famous is “les Pyramides” [Pyramids because of buildings architecture] but there’s also “le Champtier du Coq”, “le Bois Sauvage” [Wild Wood], “le Parc aux Lièvres”, “les Epinettes”, “les Aunettes” and some more. Between 1990 and 2010, Evry was infamous because of the many gang’s fights between all those different neighborhoods. However, Evry can also be described as a creative city, especially on the rap scene!

• The beginning

There was a first wave of rappers during the early 2000s. Nubi is one of the first known rappers from Evry. He began around 1996 with his band Futuristiq. It is thanks to his band album “Demain c’est Maintenant” [Tomorrow is now] in 2001 and his solo album “Scarlattitude” [Gangsta’ attitude] in 2006 that he became famous. Even though he was very talented, especially in writing, he remained mostly underground. 

Évry will establish itself as a rap city later with Disiz, Alkpote and Ol Kainry. Disiz grew up in “les Epinettes-Aunettes”.. He is a very original artist. His texts can be political, funny or emotional. He blew up in 2000 with his song “J’pete les plombs” [I am going mad] which sold 500.000 copies. His first album, “Poisson rouge” [gold fish] became number five on the charts. He has maintained a successful career over time and is still relevant today. Recently, he released his album Disizilla, which had great reviews! I also have to talk to you about Alkpote. the French mix between Gucci Mane and Lil B, the so-called Emperor of Dirty! He for his great rhyme scheme, for his funny and nasty punchline and his “Pute” [Bitch] ad-libs .

• Biggest sucess

Évry had a second wind with Niska, who has been one of the biggest player in this French game for a few years now. He grew up in “le Champtier du Coq”. So far he released three albums : “Zifukoro” (2016, platinum record, n°3 in France), “Commando” (2017, diamond record, n°1 in France, n°3 in Belgium, n°6 in Swiss) and finally “Mr Sal” which made one of the best beginnings of 2019. His music is very melodic and talks about the street life or girls for the most part. With him, Evry took a big place in the rap game! Among his many songs, we have to speak about “Réseaux” [Social network], in which he speaks about girls on social media. This song is his biggest success and it was the most listened to music in 2016! 

• New wave

Today, a new generation of young rappers has emerged. Among them we can find Luv Resval and Zola. Zola, who comes from “le Bois Sauvage”, is 20. He does trap music, and he does it well! Luv Resval is younger than Zola, around eighteen, and is working with Alkpote. He became known for a series of 10 homemade freestyles. He released an EP with Alkpote in December 2018, called “Mariah”, which had some great songs. These artists will make Évry stay in the light! And we can’t finish this paper without speaking about the “Seven Binks”. This refers to one residential building situated in the “Parc aux Lièvres” district. A lot of very young talented rappers came from this one specific building. Koba la D (already 2 gold records), Boleman, Shotas, and so on. We have yet to understand how a single building can house so much talent.

We can say that Évry is a rap city. At least a lot of great rappers grew up in its streets! In a way, Evry is a special ” Rap School ” in the French game. Most of the rappers from Évry are big rhymers. It seems to be the norm in this city.

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Written by - February 9, 2020