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Top 10 Best French Rap Songs of 2019

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In 2019, a lot of great albums, but also a lot of great songs were released. Let’s have a look at some of the best French rap songs from last year.

• Au DD – PNL

The song that announced the latest PNL’s album. Correct lyrics, a pretty nice beat, AMAZING visuals and music video. This song definitely defined 2019 in France.

• Du lundi au lundi – Niska

Niska has been on top of the French rap scene for some time now. In 2019 he released a new album “Mr Sal” [Mr Dirty]. This song, “Du Lundi au Lundi” [From monday to monday] is so catchy that it was THE earworm of 2019.

• Maman ne le sait pas – Ninho Feat. Niska

2019 was Ninho’s year. This song is part of his album “Destin” that was one of the biggest rap albums of 2019. Maman ne le sait pas [Mom doesn’t know] is about his past life as a drug dealer and how he had to hide a lot of things from his mom.

• Fuck le 17 – 13 Block

On this track from their latest album, 13 Block really came out strong. The lyrics of this anti-cop song were so harsh and that it got censored when the music video got released. The beat that samples a police siren is amazing too.

• Journal Perso 2 – Vald

This is the first track that got released from the French rapper’s new record “Ce monde Est Cruel” [The world is cruel]. The beat produced by Seezy mixes a melancholic piano with sharp trap drums. Vald delivers what is possibly his best verses by reflecting on the duality of his mind.

• Paradise – Hamza

Hamza AKA The Sauce God AKA Tee French-speaking king of melodies AKA the best topliner on this side of the ocean, delivers a perfect chill & melodic banger from his album of the same name.

• Papers – Zola Feat. Ninho

The trap beat is good, the refrain sung by Ninho is good, the verses are good. This song is super effective.

• Bitch – Lefa Feat. Vald

Lefa is one of the founding members of one of the most famous French rap collective: Sexion d’Assaut. On this track, he invited Vald to talk about what success and fame mean to them. Spoiler: they think fame is a bitch.

• Liquide – Shay Feat. Niska

Shay, is a female French rapper, who used to be one of Booba’s protégé. On this song with latino vibes, she make it clear that she doesn’t need no man, because she is focused on making money and not love. Niska’s verse is a nice touch too.

• PGP – Booba

Booba started 2019 with a bang by releasing this song called PGP. This is a trap song, but with a twist. The instrumental is quite nice. In this track Booba adresses a lot of different topic such as the Théo’s affair, his recent clash with Damso or a shot-out to the rookie Koba la D.

• Bonus : Rageux – 404 Billy

404 Billy is the new artist I listened to the most in 2019. This song, Rageux [Haters], is a big fuck you to the haters while also thanking the people who support him. His album “Process” was a breath of fresh air from the trap trend, as Billy is actually rapping. The beat on this song is very trippy and cool too.

I hope you enjoy this Top 10, if there are any songs you didn’t know, I recommend that you check them out! Until next time, stay healthy!

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Written by - March 6, 2020