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What is a “Tchoin”? Slang #7

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Rappers often talk about women. However, they have a lot of way to call them. It can be lovely or really dirty, depending on the context. Today, I will speak about the dirty way to describe a woman. Of course don’t use it for your lovely wife.

• Origin of the word

“Tchoin” is a word that was first used in Ivory Coast (West Africa). In Ivory Coast, it’s used to describe prostitute; and it isn’t a nice way to call them. This word has made it to the French language France few years ago. It was popularized by Kaaris (Sevran’s dad) in 2017 with his club banger “Tchoin”.

• Meaning of the word

Today, “tchoin” is used to speak about an easy woman, who might have sex quickly (and she could do it without any issue). Moreover it’s used when the woman assume this attitude.

• Some example in rap songs

• La go là c’est p’têtre une fille bien / Mais on préfère les tchoins, tchoins, tchoins [This girl may be a good woman / but we prefer “tchoin”] (Kaaris – Tchoin)

• Ma tchoin faut qu’je l’entretienne, le peuple faut qu’je l’entertain [My “tchoin” I need to maintain her, the people I have to entertain them] (Booba – Turfu)

• J’ai 99 problèmes mais une tchoin n’en est pas un [I have 99 problems but a “tchoin” isn’t one] (Damso – Paris c’est loin)

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Written by - March 14, 2020