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Slang weekly #2 : “Srab”

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Through this series, we will explain to you some French slang. Who knows? It might come-in-handy someday.

Most languages have various ways to say “friends”. France isn’t an exception. In French slang there are dozen of ways to say it. Some of these are coming from Algeria, others from small areas in France. It’s impossible to mention all of these here. So, let’s have a look at one of them : “srab”.

This one is quite popular. It isn’t the most polite, but it’s not a bad words either. You can almost use it in family, but with some humor. “Srab” made its way to French langage from Northern Africa coast. In fact, there are a lot of words coming from Arabian countries because there are strong links between North and West Africa and France. Let’s have a look at some lyrics in which “srab” is used :

• “Hachek j’suis pas ton srab, mets pas ton sel dans mon poivre” [I am not your friend, don’t get involved in my business] (Dinos – Flashé)

• “Mon meilleur srab est mort j’suis blasé de la life” [my best friend is dead, I am jaded of life] (Booba – Bakel City Gang)

• “Faut ber-bar mais pas les srabs” [we have to rip off but not friends] (Nekfeu – Question d’honneur)

• “Avec les srabs, pour le rap bah on veille tard” (Sexion d’Assaut – Ma direction)

You can also find our slang dictionnary here.

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Written by - February 6, 2020