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What does “Seum” mean? French Slang #8

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There is a word than youth French people use a lot. It’s “seum”. For sure, it’s even more used since everybody in France is confined at home. Did you get it? This word mainly means “rage”. But, it also has an interesting second meaning. 

• Origins

“Seum” comes from Arabian language. As you may know, France has big Algerian communities. Thanks to that, French people often use Arabian words to create new slang words. Here, “seum” is coming from “سُمّ » (« sm », « sumw » or « sèmm ») which means « poison » or “venom”. 

• “To be mad, to be disappointed”

It’s mainly used to describe a state of mind. It’s meaning “rage”, “hate” or “disappointment”. For instance, during the confinement, French people have the “seum” to stay at home (because they rather prefer go outside with friends and family). In this case, the sentence that you need to use is “avoir le seum” [to be mad, to be disappointed].

• “Hashish”

“Seum” is also used to describe a very high quality hashish. This one is often produced in Morocco. It really flexible. It’s also a strong one. 

• Example in rap

Let’s have a look at some lyrics to get it!

• J’me promène dans les beaux quartiers avec le seum qui fait peur aux riches [I walk in rich neighborhoods with the mad attitude that scares rich people] (PNL – Au DD)

• On est plus malsains, t’as l’seum, tu vis mal ça [We are sicker, you are hateful, you live it sadly] (Sexion d’Assaut – Balader)

• T’es pas le seul qui galère dur, qui a le seum [You aren’t the only one to struggle hard, who are mad] (Jul – T’es pas le seul)

• J’sais qu’t’as l’seum mi amigo / J’suis dans le fond du club avec ta biatch-chico [I know that you’re mad mi amigo / I am at the bottom of the club with your girlfriend] (Soolking – Mi amigo)

• Dégaine de Mexicain avec le seum qui sort d’Hollande [Mexican appearance with the hashish from Holland] (PNL – Rebenga)

• Hauts-de-Seine ça vend du seum car c’est le cash qu’elles aiment [Hauts-de-Seine is selling hashish because cash is everything that girls want] (Booba – Le Duc de Boulogne)

• Des kilos de seum cramés comme la SIM [Hashish kilograms burned like the SIM card] (Ninho – Laisse pas trainer ton fils)

• Ferme ta gueule, j’ai le seum, j’noie mon seum dans le seum [Shut up, I am mad, I drown my hatred in some hashish] (Vald –Seum)

Hope you get it, else “n’ai pas le seum” [don’t be a hater]. Stay healthy, safe and keep washing your hands!

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Written by - March 19, 2020