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Slang Weekly #4 : “la Moula”

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Rappers have a lot of ways to speak about money in the USA. This is the same in France. Let’s have a look at one of these : “mula”. 

Most of the time it’s written “mula”, but you can also find “moula” or “moulah” in French. It was used in the USA in the 1930’s. It comes from a Spanish word that means ‘mule’. The donkey-horse hybrid. This animal was used as a currency during the Middle-Ages.

When it hit the american streets, “mula”’s meaning had changed during the Eighties to become a synonym of money. We can find it in a lot of US rap songs. For example, in 1997, Tracey Lee was rapping “A full jack maneuver, don’t nobody move, just the moolah” on the song “Keep Your Hands High” featuring the Notorious BIG. 

As you may know, French people often take some english words to mix it with their language. This is what happened with “mula”. Booba is probably responsible for introducing this slang word in France in his hit song “Caramel” in 2012. At first “mula” was only used for money but French language is always changing.

Quickly, it was also used to speak about weed and cannabis; and more generally for all kinds of drugs. Nowadays, “mula” is also used to talk about someone who smuggle drugs back and forth across the border. The link between money and drugs can be understable, which isn’t the case with the recent changes.

This past year, a rapper, Heuss L’Enfoiré, took this word and made it a “chameleon word” with a lot of different meanings. Today it can be used for almost everything. It’s mostly used to refer to yourself or a friend in a flattering manner. 

To sum up, “mula” in French has three principal meanings : money, drug (generally weed or hashish) and a friend. Let’s have a look at some lyrics to get it.

• Money : “J’dois faire du biff, de la mula, du caramel” [I have to make some money, some moolah, some caramel” (Booba – Caramel)

• Drugs : “T’as fumé ma moula, t’as toussé” [You have smoked my weed, you koffed] (MHD – Afro Trap, Pt. 1)

• Both of these meanings : “La mula, mula, taga dans les poumons / Faut qu’on fe-ta fe-ta pour cette mula mula” [The moolah, moolah, hashish in my lungs / We have to work, work, for this money, money] (Siboy – Mula feat Booba)

• A friend / a hot person : “J’suis tellement une moula qu’elle veut que j’la casse” [I am so hot that she wants me to break her] (Heuss L’Enfoiré – Moulaga feat JuL)

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Written by - February 20, 2020