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Slang weekly #1: « Grailler »

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Through this series, we will explain to you some French slang. Who knows? It might come-in-handy someday.

The word of the day is a verb: “Grailler”. It may possibly come from old French (during the Middle Age). At first it was a noun related to food and fat in particular. Nowaday, the word is used by people in place of the verb “to eat” [“manger” in French].

It’s also used in a lot of different places and meaning. For example, we can use it to say something is dope: “Ça graille”. It can be used for a lot of other situations. Let’s have a look at some lyrics to get it:

  • To eat : “J’voulais juste graille” [I just wanted to eat] (PNL – Onizuka)
  • To get hit by something: “Si t’esquives l’uppercut, tu vas t’grailler le middle” [If you dodge the uppercut, you will get hit by the middle] (Booba – Pinocchio)
  • It’s dope: “Graille, ouais le bail il graille” [Dope, yeah this shit is dope] (4Keus – MD feat. Niska).
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Written by - February 2, 2020