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These French rappers will become famous in 2020

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Every years, new rappers become famous. Here’s in my bet on five French rappers that will become big in 2020.

• Laylow

Two weeks later, Laylow released an album called Trinity. This amazing project tells a unique story and has a very distinct digital sound. With this project Laylow confirms that he is very talented. This album should put Laylow at the top of the French rap scene and make him even more successful.

• Meryl

Following an amazing Planete Rap session, and a very good album, nothing can stop Méryl. Everything she does is dope so we want more.

• Lala &ce

Lala used to be a part of the 667 collective. Now she’s doing a solo career. Last year she dropped a very good album “Le son d’aprés” [The song from after] which was full of banger but also chill songs. She is just one hit single away from success.

• Luv Resval

After his joint EP with Alkpote, everyone was waiting for a Luv Resval’s solo project. In 2019, all the upcoming French rookies Diddi Trix, Koba La D and Zola dropped something. All the rookies except Luv. All the singles from the upcoming album are very good so far. When this thing drops, it’s gonna be fire. Mark my words.

• Retro X

Retro X is a French rapper who has been underground for quite some time now. His song Etho received praise from none other than Frank Ocean back in 2017. He has a unique sound very cloud-rap-esque, and he often releases new music with great visuals. Let’s hope he makes it in 2020.

Let’s hope the best to all these artist and cross our finger. They all have a lot of potential.

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Written by - March 13, 2020