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What is “la Flemme” ? French Slang #9

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In a lot of songs, French speaking rappers talk about something called “Flemme”. What is it? Let’s find out together!

• Origins

French slang is often created by mixing two languages. Most of the time it’s French with Arabian. Here, it isn’t the case. In fact, “Flemme” is a very old word coming from latin. Before Jesus-Christ, it was used to speak about mood or mucus (don’t ask where is the connection between both meanings, I didn’t get it either).

• Definition

However, today it’s used to speak about a very common mood : laziness. You all know it. When it’s time to go to work but you would love to stay a few hours more in your bed : “la flemme”. When you have to do your laundry but you would rather watch a movie : “la flemme”. When you don’t want to cook and you would rather  order pizza (even if you don’t have any money left on your account) : “la flemme”. I think you get it but let’s have a look at some French rap lyrics.

• Example in rap

• “Et j’suis l’roi des charbonneurs, pourtant, j’ai la plus grande des flemmes” : [I am the hustler’s king, yet, I am the laziest] (PNL – Chang)

• “J’ai la flemme de nettoyer mes fringues : j’les jette” : [I am too lazy to wash my clothes : I throw them away] (Gringe from Casseurs Flowters – Regarde comme il fait beau (dehors) )

• “J’ai la flemme de travailler, de batailler et puis d’me raser le bouc” : [I am too lazy to work, to battle, and to shave myself] (Darryl Zeuja from 1995 – La flemme)

• “Ce soir, la flemme d’éviter les mauvais regards / Team jogging dans l’appart’, sans perdre mon portable, ma dignité, mes clés” : [Tonight, I am too lazy to confront bad looking / Team jogging in the flat, without loose my phone, my dignity, my keys] (Angèle – La flemme)

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Written by - March 26, 2020