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What does “Bouffe” mean? French Slang #6

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France is famous for a lot of different things. French gastronomy is one of them. Fine wine, cheese, omelette du fromage, bourguignon, souflé, ratatouille. Today we are not going to talk about gastronomy, but about the opposite. La “bouffe”.

• Definition of the word

Bouffe is a word used to talk about food. You can replace “nourriture” [food] in any sentence with the word “bouffe”. But when you do that you are referring to your meal in a familiar way. “Bouffe” is not necessarily unhealthy but it means the meal is filling and in profusion. 

Two words derived from Bouffe. “Bonne bouffe” et “malbouffe”. Bonne bouffe [good food] refers to local dishes, or food that is considered good and cuisine that comes from traditions. Malbouffe [Bad food] refers to food that is considered unhealthy, like fast food.

Bouffe can also be used as a verb. “Bouffer is very similar to “grailler”.  “Bouffer” is used to say eating but in an almost dirty manner. You’re either eating a lot, or eating fast or eating unhealthy when you say bouffer. It’s almost as if you don’t care about what you eat when you “bouffe”. Bouffer can also mean eating someone, or being eaten in a figurative way. And yes, bouffer can also be used to talk about oral sex.

• Example in French rap

• “Pas de meuf, pas de taff, pas de bouffe, c’est bien casse-gueule” [No girlfriend, no job, no food, that hurt] (Stupeflip (King Ju) – Stupeflip vite !!!)

• “(I represent) The people who would eat pizza every day, if that did not make their stomach burn” (Lomepal – R2D2)

• “J’te bouffe la schneck comme une viennoise, en même temps j’fume ma O.G. Kush” [I eat your pussy like a viennoise, in the meantime, I smoke O.G. Kush] (Kaaris – Bouchon de Liège)

• “T’inquiète pas, seuls les faibles se font bouffer par le système” [Don’t worry, only the weak get eaten by the system] (Orelsan – Le Chant des Sirènes)

I will leave you with the quote by the late Jean-Pierre Coffe. “C’est pas parce qu’on est pauvre, qu’on doit bouffer de la merde” [Because you’re poor, it doesn’t mean you have to eat like shit]. You can find the whole French Slang Dictionnary here. Stay healthy and see you next time!

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Written by - March 5, 2020