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The best sellings French rappers of 2019 are…

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Last year French rap broke a lot of records. Let’s take a look back at the 3 rappers who sold the most records in 2019.

3. Ninho

In 2019, everything Ninho touched became gold. His album Destin [Destiny] was widely loved and sold more than 300,000 copies. And all of the songs he appeared on (like Zola’s “Paper”) became an instant hit.

2. PNL

The two brothers released their third record “Deux Frères” (lien) . The release of this album followed a well-rounded marketing strategy. This album broke a lot of records (like Spotify’s most streamed song in its first 24 hour ). The album overall sold 400,000 copies. The single “Au DD” has a shit-ton of views on Youtube. 2019 was the year PNL broke everything.

1. Nekfeu

The rapper that sold the most albums in 2019 is Nekfeu. His album Les Étoiles vagabondes [The wandering Stars] was released along with a movie of the same name. Nekfeu’s last album before this one was with his group S-Crew on “Destin Liés” [Shared Destiny] in early 2016. Fans from everywhere in France were eager to hear more from Nekfeu and he delivered a wonderful album. One week after its release, the album sold 100,000 copies, two weeks after its release, it sold 200,000 copies and 16 new tracks were added to the project as an “expansion”. The album is very soon going to sell more than 500,000 copies and become diamond certified.

The French rap scene was in great shape in 2019. So much that Paris was the biggest city in hip hop in the world last year. But despites all the French rappers’ effort, the album that sold more copies last year was Angèle’s Brol, a pop album.

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Written by - February 29, 2020