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5 tracks that prove Seezy is a talented beatmaker

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Seezy is a young and very talented French beatmaker. He is mainly known for being a frequent collaborator to French rapper superstar Vald. In fact he hasn’t done a lot of songs with other rappers. His style is quite unique. He has a very good way with drums, he always create interesting and catchy drum patterns. His producer tag is “Fuck it’s easy”.

• Vald – Journal Perso 2

The piano on this instrumental is awesome. But when the beat drops, the instrumental gets even better! This instrumental really fit the introspective lyrics.

• 7 Jaws – Rage

On the 21th of february, Seezy dropped a mixtape with his friend the rapper 7 Jaws. Of all the 7 songs on this mixtape, this one catched my attention the most. The chorus is catchy, the beat is dope and it uses the famous Juicy J’s “Yea Hoe” in the best way possible.

• Vald – Vitrine Feat. Damso

One of the first songs that Seezy produced for Vald. And what a song. This track is a unique featuring between two of the best French-speaking rappers of this decade. The beat fit really well with the strip-club, red neon mood of the song. In the music video you can see some well-known French actresses too.

• Vald – Désaccordé

The first single from Xeu is one catchy track. This hit single has a great beat that has both a huge bass and a chill vibe.

• Vald – Rhumance

NQNT33 is probably Vald’s most underrated album. This can be understood since the album did not receive a lot of promotion. But let me tell you one thing. Seezy killed it on this record. All the instrumentals are phenomenal. This one is no exception.

I hope you enjoyed this selection of songs. Until next time, stay healthy.

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Written by - March 20, 2020