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What are the best French trap songs?

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Trap is a rap sub-genre that has been really popular in the last couple of years. You can recognize traps songs by the hi-hats patterns that are very fast-paced and uses triplet. Most of the traps songs uses 808s bass and claps. While trap was born in the US, the fact that it’s the biggest sub-genre in rap tight now, and the fact that the French speaking rap scene is the second biggest rap scene in the world, means that there are a lot of great French trap songs. Let’s have a look at my 5 favorite French trap tracks.

• PGP – Booba

Booba has always been able to stay on top of the French rap game. For years now he has stayed relevant. He managed to do so by always catching up with the trends, and always adding his own twist to it. That’s why when Booba does trap music, he doesn’t use the same beats and the same flow as everyone else. On this song, he tackled a lot of subjects like his love for one of Koba la D’s song, the Théo’s affair and his recent clash with Damso. The beat is superb. Just listen to it.

• Mariah – Luv Resval & Alkpote

Mariah is the eponymous title from the EP of the same name. This song is a collaboration between the veteran Alkpote and his rookie, Luv Resval. It has everything. A catchy hook. Sharp flows. Sung parts.. Great bass. And the trap drum patterns that fill my ears with joy.

• Papers – Zola Feat. Ninho

This song may sound like a very classic trap track. But this track is actually so DAMN good. Ninho’s hook is catchy as hell. The beat is perfect too.

• Zidane – 13 Block

You hear a dark melody in the background. Then Zed, one of the members from 13 Block, says the magic words: “Bin binks”. Then the beat drops and the bass warms your heart, the hi-hat begins to play, the melody goes faster. The verses go by smoothly while the hook stays in your head.

• Mon Survet – Jok’air

This song is Jok’air flexing about how much he loves his Adidas sweatpant. The beat is awesome. I like the catchy and fun lyrics on this. The beat feels very good too. Solid trap beat. The full lyrics are available in the official music video.

It’s hard to narrow French trap to only 5 songs. Even though, this trend is slowly dying, there are a lot of great artist out there using this kind of instrumental and making amazing and timeless songs.

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Written by - March 27, 2020