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5 French rap songs about Jacques Chirac

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Jacques Chirac was a French politician who was the President of France betwen 1995 and 2007. He was known for being a “bon vivant” and a fun figure, but he was also politically on the right side. Let’s have a look at 5 French rap songs in which he was paid homage (or not).

• Téléphone – 7 Jaws & Seezy

On this track produced by Seezy, 7 Jaws says: “J’ai fraudé aujourd’hui, est-c’que j’suis comme Jacques Chirac” [Today I didn’t pay for my subway ticket, am I like Jacques Chirac?]. This reference these famous photos of Jacques Chirac breaking the law by jumping over . This easy-going attitude is why a lot of people liked him when he was president.

• Carjack Chiraq – Niska Feat. XVBarbar & La B

Carjack Chiraq is a triple pun. First it’s a reference to the late president Jacques Chirac. It’s also about carjacking. But it’s also an homage to Chicago AKA Chiraq.

• M.L.C – Niska Feat. Booba

In this song, Booba says “Le Bruit et l’Odeur c’est moi, demande à Jacques Chirac” [I am the sound and the smells, ask Jacques Chirac]. This is a reference to one of the late President’s polemic. In 1991 he said in a very famous speech that people of foreign origins steal money from social aid but also that they are noisy and smells. Booba uses this obviously racist sentence with humour to claim his foreign origins.

• L’amour dans le binks – Jok’air

Behind every great man, there is a great woman, as they say. Jacques Chirac was no exception. His wife, Bernadette Chirac had to put up with a lot of shit, while still looking strong. As Jok’air put it “Tu seras ma Bernadette, j’serai ton Jacques Chirac dans le / Azeulai comme à l’Elysée, quand on est dans le block” [ You will be my Bernadette I will be your Jacques Chirac / As comfortable in the Élysée as in the streets ]

• Rien à battre – Eddie Hyde

On this song, one of Eddie Hyde’s MC, KSA, says “Chez nous le président c’est toujours Jacques Chirac” [Where we live, the president is still Jacques Chirac]. This shows how disconnected he and his gang are from the real world.

Jacques Chirac was a well known figure in France. So well known that he greatly shaped France’s pop culture. And while he had his flaws, today he is missed by a lot of people. Rest in peace Jacques.

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Written by - April 18, 2020