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| Album 11 Apr 2020
Why is Split by Josman a good album?

Josman is a very talented rapper. After a few EPs and a first album “J.O.$” in 2018, the artist released a new opus in March 2020 called “SPLIT”. He worked on it with the same […]

blo album cover
| Album 23 Feb 2020
Blo by 13 Block is French trap at his best

Last year, 13Block a rap band from Sevran dropped the album Blo. Through their first few featurings, songs and projects (Vue in 2016 and Triple S in 2018) the band members established 13 Block as […]

brol album cover
| Album 11 Feb 2020
How Brol shook things up

Brol is the first studio album released by Angèle, a young Belgian artist from Brussels. It has been certified Diamond. The first single of the album “La Loi de Murphy” [Murphy’s Law] was released in […]

cover album mariah
| Album 07 Feb 2020
Mariah is exactly what an EP should be

In 2018, Christmas was a little early. Indeed, on the 21th of December, Alkpote dropped a surprise EP called Mariah. The French rapper is mostly known for the hardcore and sexual content of his lyrics […]

| Album 06 Feb 2020
Santa Sauce 2 by Hamza, a great Christmas gift

Three years after the release of the first “Santa Sauce”, Hamza delivered the following project on a gold platter last Christmas. This new opus, which contains 13 songs, concluded a big year for the Belgian […]

| Album 06 Feb 2020
Deux Frères by PNL, 2019’s most important album?

In April of 2019, the duo of Corbeil-Essonnes released one of the biggest albums of 2019. Let’s contemplate this project that’s now part of the legend. The two brothers, Ademo and N.O.S., from the Gagarin […]

4 keus
| Album 04 Feb 2020
4Keus – Vie d’artiste, a musical gem

The group released its third album on January the 3rd. This album starts 2020 very smoothly. The band is composed of 4 rappers (Tiakola, Bné, Djefii and Hk). They all come from “The 4000” at […]