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jacques chirac smoking
| Top 18 Apr 2020
5 French rap songs about Jacques Chirac

Jacques Chirac was a French politician who was the President of France betwen 1995 and 2007. He was known for being a “bon vivant” and a fun figure, but he was also politically on the […]

drug addiction
| Slang 02 Apr 2020
Are you a “Shlag”? Slang Weekly #10

Slang words are used to describe a category of person. For instance “une tchoin” is an easy girl, “un srab” is a brother. Today, let’s see another category of person in French Slang : “les […]

still from the mon survet music video by jokair
| Top 27 Mar 2020
What are the best French trap songs?

Trap is a rap sub-genre that has been really popular in the last couple of years. You can recognize traps songs by the hi-hats patterns that are very fast-paced and uses triplet. Most of the […]

| Slang 26 Mar 2020
What is “la Flemme” ? French Slang #9

In a lot of songs, French speaking rappers talk about something called “Flemme”. What is it? Let’s find out together! • Origins French slang is often created by mixing two languages. Most of the time […]

| Top 20 Mar 2020
5 tracks that prove Seezy is a talented beatmaker

Seezy is a young and very talented French beatmaker. He is mainly known for being a frequent collaborator to French rapper superstar Vald. In fact he hasn’t done a lot of songs with other rappers. […]

| Slang 19 Mar 2020
What does “Seum” mean? French Slang #8

There is a word than youth French people use a lot. It’s “seum”. For sure, it’s even more used since everybody in France is confined at home. Did you get it? This word mainly means […]

kaaris tchoin music video
| Slang 14 Mar 2020
What is a “Tchoin”? Slang #7

Rappers often talk about women. However, they have a lot of way to call them. It can be lovely or really dirty, depending on the context. Today, I will speak about the dirty way to […]

luv resval
| Top 13 Mar 2020
These French rappers will become famous in 2020

Every years, new rappers become famous. Here’s in my bet on five French rappers that will become big in 2020. • Laylow Two weeks later, Laylow released an album called Trinity. This amazing project tells […]

still from the du lundi au lundi music video by niska
| Top 06 Mar 2020
Top 10 Best French Rap Songs of 2019

In 2019, a lot of great albums, but also a lot of great songs were released. Let’s have a look at some of the best French rap songs from last year. • Au DD – […]

| Slang 05 Mar 2020
What does “Bouffe” mean? French Slang #6

France is famous for a lot of different things. French gastronomy is one of them. Fine wine, cheese, omelette du fromage, bourguignon, souflé, ratatouille. Today we are not going to talk about gastronomy, but about […]

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