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I've been screwed up with French rap since beginning of middle school. I grew up in Paris’s south suburbs (91, yeah aight!). I am mostly writing articles and working about our communication and management.

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Songs of the week #3

les miserab;es at les oscars

« Les Misérables » at the Oscars 2020

buildings in evry

Évry, Paris South Side


Kekra : What’s Behind the Mask?


Santa Sauce 2 by Hamza, a great Christmas gift

letters and words

Slang weekly #2 : “Srab”


Deux Frères by PNL, 2019’s most important album?

still from jokair music video

Songs of the week #2

4 keus

4Keus – Vie d’artiste, a musical gem

letters and words

Slang weekly #1: « Grailler »

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